Qingdao Saint-Kin Engineering Co., ltd (www.skwindpower.com) is one of the world's leading designers and suppliers of Wind Power System, solar, water and alternative fuels, especially Wind Turbine, Controller, and Inverter. Wind solar power systems are more and more popular and widely used, like wind farm, monitoring, farming, fishing, islands, countrysides, connecting to grid-tie, etc.

While our team play important roles in China markets of wind power, especially on increasing efficiency and quality of China Wind Turbine, China Controller, China Inverter, etc.

Wind Generators are Permanent Magnet Generator and Top Quality Bearings are used. Electric Control of Variable BLADE Pitch and Rotating Shaft Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine with PATENT, which is kept in higher efficiency and safety is done better.

Wind Turbine Controllers are Charge Controller and Logic Controller with PMW. Top brand components are used in Controller, like ATMEGA, etc., which make controllers work normally through storm or when wind speed is over40m/s. Capacity of controlling is 30%higher than rated power.

Wind Turbine Inverters are on-grid and off-grid. Output of Pure Sine Wave Power Frequency Wind Inverters, adopted Isolation transformator, is pure, stable but safer. Our Wind Turbine Inverters are perfect multi-protection, like under voltage, overload, overheating, short circuit etc.

Patterns of wind turbine are Horizontal axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) and Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT). The whole systems are mainly designed by our own engineers and cooperate with famous companies. Wind energy utilization rate (Betz No.) is 42% for horizontal axis wind turbines, while it is above 35% for vertical axis wind turbines. Mainly sizes are 300w,500w,1kw,2kw,3kw,5kw,10kw,20kw,30kw,50kw,60kw,etc.

Our annual capacity of producing is around 100,000sets, increasing year by year. Saint-kin keeps fast development and updating of products and technologies. Several special designed products are patents.

Our staff of sales and technical support is available to help you in selecting the right wind power systems. Samples are available for your evaluation. Our team has helped our partners and clients take their markets, which are mainly European, Americas, Oceania, Mongolia, like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Russia, etc.

Based on good quality products but competitive price, continuous Repeated Orders will come back to you once you sell our products, both Wind Turbine, Controller & Inverters. We will be your strongest support for, good quality products, techniques support, and superior sell-after service. Perfect sell-after services make you zero loss of quality and safety problem

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, competitive price, speed delivery, comprehensive cutting-edge product offering. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.